The fully on-chain oracles for secure and reliable decentralized data feeding and automation across multiple chains.

Welcome to Orally, the forefront of decentralized solutions and oracle services within the blockchain ecosystem. As the digital world continuously evolves, the need for interconnected, secure, and versatile applications becomes paramount. Orally bridges this gap, offering a suite of tools that integrate the trustless nature of blockchain with the ever-expanding needs of decentralized applications (dApps).

Our platform is built on the innovative Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), designed to provide seamless interaction between traditional internet services and decentralized blockchain functionality. Through our sophisticated suite of services — Sybil, Pythia, Apollo, Hephaestus, and Hermes — we empower developers, enterprises, and end-users to create a fully integrated, multi-chain, and versatile decentralized experience.

Below, find an overview of our revolutionary tools, each named after iconic figures from mythology, resonating with their unique capabilities and roles within the Orally ecosystem:

  1. Sybil: Inspired by the multiple sources of prophecy in ancient lore, Sybil provides a multitude of embedded price data feeds for various assets, operating through decentralized data fetching and offering custom feed creation based on the specific needs of dApps with an efficient verifiable approach.

  2. Pythia: Named after the revered oracle of Delphi, Pythia is an automation module that allows for subscription-based data delivery by time or volatility, pulling from Sybil's data feeds or generating random numbers for an added layer of functionality.

  3. Apollo: Reflecting the prophetic prowess of the god Apollo, this module facilitates request-based data delivery, where EVM contracts can request specific data, processed and delivered by our system with precision and efficiency.

  4. Hephaestus: Symbolizing the transformative craft of the god of blacksmiths, Hephaestus allows for intricate data preprocessing, accepting user-defined algorithms to mold raw data into refined, dApp-specific requirements.

  5. Hermes: Embodying the swift communication attributed to the messenger god, Hermes enables seamless messaging between chains, optimizing costs and enhancing connectivity across the blockchain spectrum.

In the following sections, we dive deep into each module, offering comprehensive technical guides, use cases, integration methods, and best practices to harness the full potential of Orally's offerings. Whether you're a developer looking to integrate decentralized features into your project, an enterprise aiming for blockchain expansion, or a curious enthusiast navigating the realms of decentralized services, our documentation is your starting point.

Join us in pioneering the future of decentralized connectivity, where security, versatility, and innovation converge, powered by Orally. Welcome to the next generation of blockchain integration.

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